Woman Mask - Cotton Linen Lace
Woman Mask by timzybatra
Woman Mask with lace by timzybatra
Woman Mask - Cotton Linen Lace
Woman Mask - Cotton Linen Lace
Breathe by Timzy Batra

Woman Mask - Cotton Linen Lace

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  • BREATHE Woman range of masks are specifically designed for comfort, providing trendy and classy look.
  • Beautifully finished with stripes piping to provide better grip and appeal.
  • Made with lightweight, premium breathable cotton.
  • Ear Loop Adjusters for comfortable fit.


  • Outer Layer - Breathable Fine Cotton
  • Filtration Layer - 25-30 GSM Meltdown Fabric
  • Inner Layer - Soft and Premium Cotton
  • Colours may vary slightly depending on your screen brightness


  • Width 22cm, Centre Length 13.5cm, Side Length 7.5cm
  • One size fits all.
  • Handmade Items, measurements may vary slightly. 

    8 - 10 working days

    (Deliveries may take longer than usual due to the Covid-19 restrictions.)
    Please note, we are currently accepting orders from within India only.

    • 3 Ply breathable hybrid masks, made with premium cotton/poplin and meltblown filteration layer.
    • Wider face coverage for maximum protection
    • Easy to carry and maintain. Complimentary carry pouch if you buy three or more


    • BREATHE MASK is ideal for everyday wear.
    • Wash your mask after every use.
    • Wash your hands before wearing and after removing the mask.
    • For effective reusability, gently hand wash with disinfectant liquid/standard laundry detergent.
    • BREATHE MASK is recommended for up to 20 washes.
    • BREATHE MASK is not meant to prevent or cure any medical disease.
    • BREATHE MASK is for individual use, not to be shared with others to prevent contamination.
    • Do not wear mask more than six hours continuously.
    • Be careful while riding or driving with the mask on. Your spectacles or sunglasses could get fogged.


    • No mask can guarantee full protection from Covid-19.
    • Due to sanitary reasons all sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

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