About Us

Timzy Batra is a fashion designer with 15 years of experience in Indian and International industry. Having worked with industry titans like Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla and Ravissant, she is keen to deliver affordable luxury to the Indian household. Timzy is currently a consultant designer to Flipkart (India).

With a passion for fashion and to change focus to positivity, Timzy has conceptualised a beautiful range of masks for the Indian Market.

BREATHE by Timzy Batra has brought together a collection of hand-crafted masks for Men, Women and Kids. Being from Sikh community herself, Timzy is really passionate about the speciality SIKH Masks designed to be worn over a Turban. 

All products are made in India, with premium cotton materials, supporting Indian
textile industry. All products are hand crafted, with classy design details that are desirable to look at and comfortable to wear.

We want you to breathe and not slow down with the darkness of the pandemic.